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Terms and Conditions


You are entering a purchase which includes routes and audio product. These routes are formed by points of interest which have audio recitation of texts and other gathered information.

If you are a member, you can share the route you bought with 4 other members for 5 days (5x24h) from the time of purchase. You can become a member by clicking here.

The price does NOT include tickets for public transportation, cultural, archeological and other sites or museums, in case you follow the routes in real.

After the route is charged, no return or cancellation can be made. Make sure you check your purchase.

Prices include VAT.

In case you follow these routes in real, our company does NOT provide any means of transportation.

The texts and audio texts of museums or other cultural spaces do NOT concern their exhibits or guided tours within these spaces.

You will receive a payment receipt in your email.

To make it easier to understand and familiarize yourself with the architectural and archaeological terminology, you can download the relevant PDF for free, by clicking here.