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To Know Us Better

What is bon flaneur?

Bon flaneur is a pioneering guiding tool for Athens and Thessaloniki. With you can create your own routes, according to your preferences, interests and your available time. It is a unique webpage, fully capable of creating an urban tour suitable for you! Therefore it is not a simple website with information about the city; it is a major “urban hacking” tool that provides a number of services, which cover all the aspects of urban life, useful for residents, students and visitors.

In addition to many free services, the website offers the potential of a travel experience, through inexpensive “highlights” or themed tours, which can even be shared with four other members. The project started simultaneously for the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki, providing free educational information about landmarks or lesser-known reference points. Beyond multifaceted and documented information, the user has a rare opportunity: autonomy. It is not required to follow groups, make appointments with professionals or even have a physical presence in the city. All you need is a device (mobile phone, tablet, computer) and internet. You can explore everything from anywhere, anytime. A simple membership registration opens the door to a variety of benefits, such as saving free personalized routes and purchasing – saving and sharing structured tours.

Who is flâneur?

“Flaneur” is the person who walks around the city in an exploratory way, feels its heartbeat, its aura and its society. He slips from the clichés of the trapped in routine inhabitant or the superficial tourist and becomes one with the essence of the city. There is no term which could better describe our goal and our effort than “flaneur”. “Bon” clearly refers to the term “bon viveur”, because a good and a pleasant urban experience are very much identified with our personal well being.

Who are we?

A sociologist’s passion for the dynamics of urban space and the culture it produces led to the creation of Bon Flaneur. You will find our members “flaneuring” in the two largest Greek cities. This effort has started from the need to share the secrets of our cities in the best possible way both with citizens and visitors. To spread the world the flaneur’s optics. With Bon Flâneur we interlace electronic with physical public space and the flâneur with the city hacker, creating the new “e- wanderer”, the new well informed urban man.

Why these two cities?

Because, as Hugo has said about major cities, “they are the melting-pots, where all the geographical, political, ethical and intellectual currents of a country come together, all the natural inclinations of a people, wells of culture, we would also say sewers, commerce, industry, spirit, population, everything that is a juice, everything that is life, everything that is soul for a nation is filtered and accumulated endlessly, drop by drop, century by century”.

What is our goal?

Our will is to prompt the inhabitant to become an observer and student in their own city, and the tourist to become a traveller.

We adore what we do and we hope you will love it too!

Special thanks to:

Library of Architecture of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Bassayanni Eleni
Photographer, Sociologist

Kung Wenling
Researcher at Academia Sinica in Taiwan

Politi Ariadni

Skoulida Peggy

We also thank:

Anagnostaki Stella
Antonopoulos Grigoris
Aslanidis Alexandros
Aslanidis Stelios
Bakirtsis Thomas
Chalas Ioannis
Chantzis Pelopidas
Daliani Nantia
Diamantaris Panagiotis
Dimitriou Dimitris
Douklias Sotiris
Glarou Aimilia
Hatzikoumparoglou Benjamin
Katseli Aleka
Kotsira Anastasia
Markoglou Michael
Mikallou Antonis
Papavassileiou Ioanna
Petroulia Phoebe
Pissimissi Melina
Sarguroh Khadija
Sayers Janet
Siganou Konstantina
Tassios Miltiadis
Theodosi- Polymeri Kyriaki
Toskidis Giorgos
Toumpakari Sophia
Tsouvelas Giorgos
Tzimas Giorgos
Tziogkas Dimitris
Voulgaris Panagiotis
Zaras Yannis
…and of course, all those people, who were kind enough to lend their photographs.