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Agia Marina Metro Station

Agia Marina Metro Station is located in western Athens, it has archeological findings and the decoration is minimal.

  1. Modern and Contemporary era (1821 - )

    2007 Beginning of construction.

    2013 Operated.

  2. Ottoman era (1453- 1821)

  3. Byzantine era (331 AC- 1453)

  4. Roman era (30 BC- 330 AC)

  5. Hellenistic era (322- 31 BC)

  6. Classical era (478-323 BC)

  7. Archaic era (800-479 BC)

  8. Geometric era (-1100- 800 BC)

  9. Prehistory (-1100 BC)

What I can see

The “Agia Marina” station has a minimalist design and the dominant colour is blue. The skylight in the centre of the ticket level is also blue. There is a colour play with shades of red, yellow and orange in the tunnel of one of the entrances, which enhances the perspective of the lines and gives a modern tone to the design. In addition, an ancient water pipe is exhibited, which consists of two rows of semicircular tiles that are joined. It was disassembled in its original position and reassembled in its current position.

What I can't see

The station is located between the ancient municipalities of Ermos (Chaidari) and Lakiadon (Elaionas). During the construction work, a water supply system of late antiquity was discovered, which – apart from the pipeline exhibited at the station – included cisterns, shafts and other pipes. The station today is located within the municipality of Agia Varvara, but this name could not be used, because another station with the same name would be built. Therefore, it took the name of the neighbouring church. It was also the terminal station of line 3 for more than 6 years.


Field observation by scientific editors


Collective work (2014), Navigating the routes of Art and Culture, Part 1, Athens, Ministry of Culture and Sports