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Agia Paraskevi Metro Station

The most special part of the Agia Paraskevi Metro Station is the decorative lighting of one of its entrances.

  1. Modern and Contemporary era (1821 - )

    2010 Inaugurated on December 30.

  2. Ottoman era (1453- 1821)

  3. Byzantine era (331 AC- 1453)

  4. Roman era (30 BC- 330 AC)

  5. Hellenistic era (322- 31 BC)

  6. Classical era (478-323 BC)

  7. Archaic era (800-479 BC)

  8. Geometric era (-1100- 800 BC)

  9. Prehistory (-1100 BC)

What I can see

It is a metro line 3 station, consists of two side docks, has a common architectural style with other stations and is dominated by granite and aluminum. Although it has the name of the eponymous district, the station is located on the outskirts of the Halandri district. Particularly impressive are the length of the escalators and the spacious level of passengers movement. One of the entrances has an arched shape and decorative lighting, which emphasizes the vertical lines of the shape, giving a futuristic tone.

What I can't see

It was originally designed to be located in Agia Paraskevi Square. The local Church, merchants and artisans of the time reacted strongly, saying that such a development would degrade the area. As it turned out, they were wrong, as other neighbouring areas were upgraded due to the metro. But it was already too late, because the tunnel layout had changed and there was no station. A few years later, it was decided to construct a station over the existing tunnel, which ran further away from the district and into a sparsely populated area. The construction lasted 6 months and the traffic to and from the airport was stopped.


Field observation by scientific editors


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Last visit 5/1/2021


Tzanavara H., (2010), Επιτέλους μετρό στην Αγία Παρασκευή, [Finally metro in Agia Paraskevi] Eleftherotypia

Last visit 5/1/2021