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Kaissariani Park

Kessariani Park is located to the east of the city, at the foot of Mount Ymittos.

  1. Modern and Contemporary era (1821 - )

    2022 Redevelopment plan approval.

  2. Ottoman era (1453- 1821)

  3. Byzantine era (331 AC- 1453)

  4. Roman era (30 BC- 330 AC)

  5. Hellenistic era (322- 31 BC)

  6. Classical era (478-323 BC)

  7. Archaic era (800-479 BC)

  8. Geometric era (-1100- 800 BC)

  9. Prehistory (-1100 BC)

What I can see

At the foot of Mount Hymettus, on an area of approximately 40 acres and at an altitude of 132m from sea level, we find Kaissariani Park. It has pines, cypresses and even firs, and is a haven for many birds. It is famous for its paved paths, the playground, the interesting combination of dense greenery and open spaces with grass, but also for the traditional taverns around the park.

What I can't see

It is also called Skopeftiriou (Shooting Ground), because of the old shooting ground, where today the National Resistance monument is located. A redevelopment plan has been approved, which architecturally unites the grove with the central square of Kaissariani and the Assumption of Our Lady church. In addition, the redevelopment includes the construction of an 800-seat open-air theatre the renovation of historic buildings and sports facilities, and the creation of new sports venues.


Unsigned, (2022), Αλλάζει όψη το άλσος του Σκοπευτηρίου της Καισαριανής, [The Grove of Skopeftirio in Kaissariani is changing], in

Last visit 21/8/2022


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