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The Abduction of Europe

Fernando Botero attributed the well-known myth of the capture of Europe by Zeus, known as "The Abduction of Europe"

  1. Modern and Contemporary era (1821 - )

    1992 Sculpted.

  2. Ottoman era (1453- 1821)

  3. Byzantine era (331 AC- 1453)

  4. Roman era (30 BC- 330 AC)

  5. Hellenistic era (322- 31 BC)

  6. Classical era (478-323 BC)

  7. Archaic era (800-479 BC)

  8. Geometric era (-1100- 800 BC)

  9. Prehistory (-1100 BC)

What I can see

At the entrance of a well-known Greek bank, there is the bronze sculpture, “The Abduction of Europe”, by the world-famous Colombian artist Fernando Botero. It depicts Europe on the back of Zeus, who has been transformed into a bull. She seems to be enjoying herself. The bull is rendered with distorted dimensions and Europe is quite burly. This is the style of Botero, which is obviously influenced by abstract expressionism, and for which he is universally known.

What I can't see

According to the myth, Zeus fell in love with Europe, the daughter οr sister of the Phoenician King Agenoras, and was transformed into a bull so that he could approach her. In Cretan mythology, a bull symbolized the king of the stars, ie the sun. Europe, whose name means “the one who has big eyes or wide face”, caressed him and finally climbed on his back. Zeus kidnapped her by accelerating until he led her to a cave (Diktaion Andro) in Crete, where they got married. The fruits of their love were Minos, Radamanthys and Sarpidonas. This particular myth has inspired many important artists worldwide, and is also represented on the Greek 2-euro coin.



  • Address: 4 Amerikis St.


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