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Tree Trunk

Tree Trunk is a sculpture with ecological message in the archeological museum.

  1. Modern and Contemporary era (1912 - )

    1988 It was created. The sculpture was a donation by the company I. Boutaris and Son.

  2. Ottoman era (1453- 1912)

  3. Byzantine era (331 AC- 1453)

  4. Roman era (30 BC- 330 AC)

  5. Hellenistic era (322- 31 BC)

  6. Classical era (478-323 BC)

  7. Archaic era (800-479 BC)

  8. Geometric era (-1100- 800 BC)

  9. Prehistory (-1100 BC)

What I can see

In the forecourt of the archaeological museum we see a sculptural composition, which consists of a fallen tree trunk covered with a concrete slab. Verses from the Apocalypse are written on the slab.

What I can't see

It was created by Kostas Tsoklis and is dedicated to Alexandros Iolas, who highlighted Tsoklis. The symbolism of the work is probably ecological. Modern man is destroying the natural environment, causing a dystopia.


  • Address: Archaeological Museum


Field observation by scientific editors


Tsitiridis G., (2019), Ανακάλυψε τα γλυπτά της πόλης: σύνθεση αφιερωμένη στον Αλέξανδρο Ιόλα του Κώστα Τσόκλη, [Discover the city’s sculptures: Composition dedicated to Alexandros Iolas by Kostas Tsoklis], in  Parallaxi,

Last visit 10/10/2022